Tips To Help You Understand The Cash Advance

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If you’ve never read about a payday advance, then this principle might be new to you. Simply speaking, payday cash loans are loans that permit you to use cash in a fast style without having many of the constraints that a lot of personal loans have. If this sounds like something that you may need, then you’re in luck, since there is articles right here that can advise you everything you should learn about online payday loans.

If you think that you are receiving treatment illegally, or unfairly by your cash advance company, be sure that you submit a criticism with your express agency. If you do not submit a criticism, the money supplier will be able to keep on operating within an illegal way. They can even resort to physical violence, in order to get their funds rear from you.

Check the regulations about online payday loans within the condition where you reside. Some says do not let pay day loans, due to incredibly high rates of interest that, are portion of the loan deal. These claims think that in addition to the predatory the outdoors of the payday loans, in addition they inspire bad financial methods, from the clients who utilize them.

Keep in mind that before you get your check out from the payday loan, the lender will subtract fees. So if you remove financing first-thousands of $ $ $ $, you will not obtain much. Every single lender has different service fees, so ensure you are aware about these before hand.

When exploring payday loan firms, tend not to possibly look at a business who conceals their rates, service fees, and charges. Legislation requires that all cash advance companies uncover all the appropriate information and facts, just before somebody can be applied for a loan. Businesses that don’t supply this info might be wanting to strategy you, into agreeing to cover large interest levels.

When you would like a pay day loan business, be sure that you look at a number of enterprise just before settling on one. In the event you compare the costs and fascination rates, you will notice that they are different from business to company. Make sure that they are not compensating for decrease curiosity, by charging you added service fees in a few other way.

One never knows who seems to be on the other end of your pc, so you should be cautious when acquiring a pay day loan. Search for information and facts on the website which can be used to contact the lender. When they can not be arrived at, you should not believe in the corporation by any means.

Make sure that you read the policies and terms of your payday loan very carefully, so as to steer clear of any unsuspected shocks down the road. You must be aware of the overall loan commitment before you sign it and acquire your loan. This should help you produce a better choice as to which financial loan you must agree to.

An excellent aspect of payday cash loans is the fact that there is no need to have a credit history check out or have guarantee in order to get a loan. Numerous payday loan firms do not require any credentials apart from your proof of work. Be sure to deliver your pay out stubs with you when you visit apply for the loan.

In the event that you are often acquiring pay day loans, deal with the fundamental reason for why this is certainly going on! Payday cash loans can help you for the short term.Over time they could actually kill your own personal finances, if you are not mindful. Figure out the reasons you always keep seeking these financial loans, Work to changing the difficulties behind it.

Steer clear of taking out more than one pay day loan at the same time. It can be illegal to get multiple payday loan versus the same income. Another issue is, the inability to pay back several different loans from numerous loan providers, from just one income. If you cannot reimburse the loan promptly, the costs, and interest consistently boost.

Know when your pay day loan is due. It is rather vital that you usually do not guess for this day, simply because if you are even some day delayed, you might end up with big charges. Study all of the small print on your own files, and do everything you are able to to pay for the loan rear inside the correct period of time.

Will not picture you are able to stay away from repaying a payday advance by shutting out the checking account your verify was composed on. Performing that might build a condition where you can be held liable for extremely high charges and fascination. As well as acquiring you into lawful issues, and a lot more costs.

As stated at the beginning from the post, many people have been getting payday loans far more, and more currently to survive. If you are searching for buying one, it is crucial that you already know the ins, and out of them. This article has presented you some vital payday loan advice.


Doing Drugstores The Right Way

Safely Buying Prescription Medications from an Online Pharmacy Health and safety concerns when it comes to getting prescription medications via the internet revolve around issues related to your current health and fitness, the legality of purchases, and security of your individual information. Web-based pharmacies offer simplicity and further advantages such as security and, for some patients, discounts versus the usual brick and mortar medical store, but without homework, purchasing medications on the net tend to be fraught with a number of deleterious downsides. To guarantee the assurance of prescribed drugs, the FDA necessitates that medicines go through safety medical-related studies, and that the advantages cancel out the disadvantages tied to a medicine before it is actually validated for promotion and sale in America. However, pharmacists outside the United States Of America that dispense prescription drugs manufactured away from the US are not legally bound by federal government regulations, posing a health and fitness issue for those who arrange to obtain from them. Given that certain pharmacies, which include those within the US, import and distribute non-FDA approved tablets produced beyond the borders of the state, you must make certain that the on-the-web drug store you select purely dispenses FDA authorized prescribed drugs. The central concerns concerning paying for prescription medication from rogue online pharmacies that provide pills not endorsed by the FDA normally include: the drugs you acquire is perhaps fake, bad, sub-potent, tremendously potent or the wrong substance, any of which could possibly scuttle your state of health. In the hardest-case scenario, you may not obtain any medicines at all regardless of paying for it. Consequently, you might want to make perfectly sure that the online drugstore is accredited and located in the US and in any other case; they are certified and dispenses drugs recommended by its state.
Learning The Secrets About Services
As rogue pharmacies normally plan to be undetectable and unreachable except on-line, you need to acquire current registration details by means of a actual address and a contact number. With that important information you may try and obtain an industry report. If a business entity report is unavailable, you should do a higher level research to make sure that the venture does in point of fact exist. Avoid conducting business with operations that merely present you with a web mail address as a piece of contact.
Why Health Aren’t As Bad As You Think
In combination with easily precluding you from getting qualifications and details about business measures, the supply of basically an electronic mail address may very well be indicative of the grade of support services one can look forward to or not expect to have. Additionally, have the certificate number and whatever licensing credentials from the drugstore then check out the material with the state drugstore board where the online pharmacy is located, an critical step as many of the supposed web-based pharmacies are not going to be legitimately authorized providers. Apart from verifying certification standing and the information that the drug store sits in the United States and satisfies quality specifications, the state medical store boards might also let you know if a web-based medical store is approved by renowned qualification services. Certified drugstore companies may also be recognized by hyperlink seals seen on their online sites.


A DIY Floral Arrangement for Spring!

Photo Credit: Austin Pauls

Sam Schriemer is a design-obsessed textile designer living in Toronto, Canada. Her love of color, modern textiles and vibrant spaces can all be explored on her interior design and lifestyle blog, Sam Schriemer Design & Lifestyle.

As April’s showers come to a close we find our thoughts turning naturally to anticipation of the long-awaited flowers that come in May. The arrival of spring flowers is one of the most exciting and beautiful things about watching the seasons change.

We spend every year waiting for them to arrive. And when they do, we can’t wait to bring them inside to add a bit of the feeling of nature and life to our own spaces with their colorful and lively blooms. There’s no question that a beautifully crafted arrangement of fresh cut flowers can really wake up a room. And for those of us with the DIY bug, creating your own arrangement is a simple and inexpensive way to bring the beauty of nature into your home – along with a good dose of your own creativity.

Tatiana Penner, owner of the Canada-based flower shop Oak & Lily, is an accomplished florist with over 15 years of experience in putting together a wide variety of arrangements for every occasion. In her spare time, Tatiana offers a series of fun and helpful floral arranging workshops that make constructing even the most complex composition, seem like a piece of cake. We were lucky enough to be able to spend an afternoon with this talented artist who gave us four helpful steps to get beginning flower lovers on their way to creating their own beautiful arrangements.

Build A Base

Photo Credit: Austin Pauls

Constructing the perfect spring arrangement is just that – construction. Everything needs a good foundation. So after picking out a vase and filling it with water, the first step is to build a base for your arrangement. To give your product an effortlessly beautiful feel, look for sturdy greenery or budding branches from right outside your home. Even though we all have our favorite stems to pick up from the flower shop, there’s something special about including elements that grow right where you live.

From there, build a grid pattern with the branches or greenery and evenly space them throughout the vase. This gives your arrangement the support it needs as other elements are brought in to fill it out. It’s also important to begin your arranging process by ensuring that your vase, water, and tools are all clean. By doing this, you extend the life of your flowers.

Add Focal Flowers

Photo Credit: Austin Pauls

After you’ve completed your base, it’s time to add more focal and structural flowers. Larger flowers that have a bit more weight are good choice and are easily supported with your base greenery or branches. Generally, these flowers should be placed lower in the arrangement as opposed to higher, filling out the base and creating additional support for further additions.

Add Accent Flowers

Photo Credit: Austin Pauls

The third step is to add accent flowers throughout the piece. Accent flowers are the perfect way to add some more color or texture to your arrangement. “A helpful tip is to arrange your flowers in the vase similar to the way that they grow in nature” states Tatiana, “If something grows in a short, bushier stalk, use it lower in the arrangement, and if something is taller and more wispy, use it higher in the arrangement”.

By doing this, you’re able to create a look that is more natural, and organic. Colorful accent flowers are also a great way to tie your arrangement into the color palette of the room you will be placing it in. Look for colors that are already being used in the space or that can add a complementary pop to your palette for a floral project that will become a meaningful element of your decor.

Add Some Whimsy

Photo Credit: Austin Pauls

The final step is to add some whimsy. Fill the empty voids within the arrangement to ensure you have a full and complete look. Because your base, structural and focal elements are already in place, this is also a great time to add some non-floral decorative elements. Once you’ve brought a little playfulness to your work, and are happy with your final product, you can stage and decorate the final arrangement within the room of your choice.

Finding The Right Spot

Photo Credit: Austin Pauls

Use the height of your arrangement to decide where to place it within your home. Smaller, lower arrangements are great for kitchen countertops and tables. Larger, taller arrangements can be placed on a mantel above a fireplace, or something similar that draws your eye upwards.

Spring Colors

Photo Credit: Austin Pauls

Flowers are one of the best ways to add a pop of color to your space. Bright shades of pink, purple, and yellow can easily make any room in your home feel ready for springtime. If you prefer a more neutral arrangement with soft creams and greenery, try using a fun, and unique vase that has some color or pattern to make the arrangement stand out even more!


An All-Star Nursery

Interior Designer: Vanessa De Vargas / Photographer: Chris Bordeaux.

Jeanine Hays is the Co-Founder of AphroChic, the online destination for modern decor with a hefty dose of cultural style. House tours, original art, and interviews with today’s top interior designers can all be found here. With diversity always at top of mind, it’s a great resource for exploring the work of designers and artists from around the globe.

Interior designer Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise LA takes us inside her latest project – a beautiful nursery design for Baby Daxel.

Who is Daxel you might ask? Well, this lucky little guy happens to be the son of America’s Next Top Model All-Stars winner, Lisa D’Amato. Lisa and her husband Adam hired De Vargas to turn Baby Daxel’s nursery into something exciting and spectacular for their newborn son. This Hollywood Hills nursery has been transformed with with furnishings provided by The Land of Nod, paint from Valspar, and new flooring from Lumber Liquidators. The end result is an adorable circus-inspired nursery that Baby Daxel can enjoy for years to come.

A Modern Color Palette

Interior Designer: Vanessa De Vargas / Photographer: Chris Bordeaux.

The color palette that De Vargas chose is modern and sophisticated for a baby boy’s room. Shades of red, gray, black and white are used throughout the space. De Vargas choose to go with dark shades on the walls and added bright pops of color with textiles and white furnishings throughout the space. The red and white window treatments from The ReRack Gals are a perfect example of how textiles have been used as a feature in the space.

Here Comes The Circus

Interior Designer: Vanessa De Vargas / Photographer: Chris Bordeaux.

A mix of modern and vintage art is featured throughout the nursery. De Vargas created a cute gallery wall using vintage circus prints that were blown up, and framed to fit in with the room’s decor. From stripy circus tents to pictures of circus animals, the prints are an unexpected feature that add to the room’s theme.

A Mix of Patterns

Interior Designer: Vanessa De Vargas / Photographer: Chris Bordeaux.

For the perfect place for baby to get some rest, De Vargas used bedding from The Land of Nod to create the patterned mix present in the crib. A yellow polka dot crib mattress, candy-striped pillow, and zebra cushion all add to the whimsical theme of the space. A monogrammed “D” pillow customizes the space for Baby Daxel.

Monogram It

Interior Designer: Vanessa De Vargas / Photographer: Chris Bordeaux.

In one of this space’s cooler twists designer Vanessa De Vargas has left no question about whose room this is. Daxel’s monogram is present throughout the nursery. An oversized red “D”, reminiscent of a vintage carnival piece adds a cute lighting feature to the space. Meanwhile another eye-catching initial adorns the wall over baby’s first library. As a design element the repetition helps pull different parts of the room together while having the letters appear in gold and red allows them to play into the color palette in unique ways.

Bold Accessories

Interior Designer: Vanessa De Vargas / Photographer: Chris Bordeaux.

For this little one’s room, colorful toys and children’s books have been put on display to add to the decor. Red, black and white toys fit in with the room’s color palette. A touch of electric blue is a nice contrast to the darker shades in the room, adding a pop of bright color.

Black Feature Walls

Interior Designer: Vanessa De Vargas / Photographer: Chris Bordeaux.

The entire nursery is painted in black paint by Valspar. De Vargas found a shade with purple undertones that would be less harsh on a baby’s eyes. With white trim on the upper walls and ceiling, the space appears bright and open.

Open Storage

Interior Designer: Vanessa De Vargas / Photographer: Chris Bordeaux.

White storage from The Land of Nod is perfect for keeping baby’s things tidy.

Room To Grow

Interior Designer: Vanessa De Vargas / Photographer: Chris Bordeaux.

Vanessa De Vargas designed this room with the idea that it can grow with Daxel as he gets older. The sophisticated coloring and layout of Daxel’s nursery will look wonderful as a little boy’s room, and even as he grows older. As the details of the room change it will stay an appealing and stylish place to grow up in.


6 Apps To Inspire Interior Decorating

Design You Trust.
Updated March 25, 2015.

Jeanine Hays is the Co-Founder of AphroChic, the online destination for modern decor with a hefty dose of cultural style. House tours, original art, and interviews with today’s top interior designers can all be found here. With diversity always at top of mind, it’s a great resource for exploring the work of designers and artists from around the globe.

Design is going high-tech, and these days the best assistant you can have when planing a room, choosing a color palette, or deciding on furniture, might just be the your smart phone.

Apps are revolutionizing the utility of phones for designers, and we want to make sure you’re up to date. So we’re introducing you to 6 fun, easy to use apps that will inspire your love of interior decorating. From incredible visual storytellers, to apps that will help you take the best Instagram pics ever, these little helpers are filled with spaces, designs and functions that will have you creating beautiful rooms in no time at all. So, what are you waiting for? Read up on our favorite downloads and start your own electronic designer toolkit.


Garance Dore.

Every week we religiously visit the Bloglovin app that brings all of our favorite blogs together into one magazine-like format. No matter if it’s 4 posts that we’ve missed from our favorite bloggers, or 400, Bloglovin is a great way to read, pin and flip through design and home decor content from your favorite interior decorating bloggers. This week, the post that we loved the most on the site was from fashion blogger, Garance Dore’s open studio.

Through Bloglovin we were able to get inside the event, catching up on all the latest from the blogger who held two days of fashion and design, entertainment and discussions all at her new studio in Manhattan.



Steller is a beautiful app that allows you tell rich, visual stories. Blending photography, video, and typography, you can read through a variety of gorgeous tales on your phone or tablet. Documenting home decorating stories, renovations, and even the fun simple things like flower arranging and entertaining, this app always has a story to tell you. Best of all, you can create your own visual stories as well.

Are you renovating a part of your home? Reworking a vintage piece? Create a visual scrapbook of the project in Steller where you can store memories of your favorite home decor projects for years to come.



If you love a good interior image (and don’t we all?), then you must visit the VSCO website. They have a wonderful blog showcasing images taken with their film or their application. The images are arresting, and extremely inspiring. You’ll also want to visit their VSCO deck, which is like a Pinterest board specifically for VSCO users. The app, in particular, is wonderful for taking Instagram photos, and even pictures that don’t make it onto the internet.

VSCO provides you with several different film grade options, as well as cropping ability, and other great photo editing functions to take your mobile photos from nice phone pics to absolute works of art.


REMIX: Decorating with Culture, Objects and Soul iBook.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you’ll want to visit the iBooks app for some great interior design books that you can read while on the go. Our favorite book on the site, REMIX: Decorating with Culture, Objects and Soul, is available as an iBook, and comes with enhanced content for the mobile user. This multimedia ebook uses video interviews, music playlists, and shoppable content to help bring the experience to life.

Explore some of your favorite interior design books and dive into design in a whole new way. Oh, and BTW, we wrote REMIX, so we know you’ll love it!



We have a love for all things typographic and enjoy typographic prints in particular. Now you can create your very own using Notegraphy. Jot a note, or a favorite quote, that you can email to yourself, print from your computer and hang on your wall for your very own typographic print. Play around with their very cool fonts created by a handful of talented artists. You’ll fall in love with this app and creating your own typographic artistry.


LJoliet Instagram.

We’re sure that you already know about Instagram, but it might surprise you to find that there’s more to the app than just looking at selfies and pretty pictures of food. There are some wonderful interior stylists and photographers on the site to bring you beautiful behind-the-scenes imagery that’s very inspiring. This week we discovered the work of Laure Joliet on Instagram (@ljoliet). This interiors photographer has great images of interior vignettes from pillows you’ll want to have, to great art in a bedroom.

There’s a ton of Instagram interior decorating photos and these days it’s become one of our favorite go-to destinations for design inspiration.

Download all of these apps for new ways to discover great design and to create the room of your dreams.


12 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Better

I hate to break it to you, but designers don’t follow a secret rule book. There are no hard and fast laws governing what we do. We are creative types by nature and love to imagine, dream and explore, following our intuition. That said, there are some rough principles that guide us to ensure a great result every time. They are just tried and true things that work. And these aren’t tricks or skills that take years to master. Anyone can do them from day one. Consider this a foundation for developing your own quirky, creative, rule-breaking intuition.

12. Ignore all principles in favor of creativity. Having some guidelines gives people a good starting point for furnishing and decorating their home, even if some of them aren’t practical for a particular space.

Go with something personal that makes you smile and, above all, is comfortable. Overly designed rooms don’t really translate in modern life. A pillow collection and an art arrangement that are seemingly haphazard, as shown here, create a dressed-down look with plenty of style.


Moody Shades from Benjamin Moore

Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

Sam Schriemer is a design-obsessed textile designer living in Toronto, Canada. Her love of color, modern textiles and vibrant spaces can all be explored on her interior design and lifestyle blog, Sam Schriemer Design & Lifestyle.

Benjamin Moore has been a leader in the world of paint for quite some time. Recently the company released a palette of trending colors for 2014, including a variety of deep, dark paints such as Van Deusen Blue, Flint, Super Nova, and Black Satin.

Dark paints can drastically alter the look and feel of your space. They can make a room look sophisticated and elegant, while remaining comfortable and cozy. If you’re looking for new ways to create a mood or make a statement in your favorite room, bringing darker colors to your walls may be just the thing.

Van Deusen Blue

Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

Want a dark paint that still has a pop of color? Van Deusen Blue has what you’ve been looking for. It’s a bit brighter, but still deep enough to give your space an intimate feel. Just one accent wall in this deep, hypnotic shade will have a huge impact. A perfect backdrop to make brighter colors – like pops of pink and yellow – really stand out.

Van Deusen Blue

Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

If you decide to paint an entire room this color, try to use some lighter, neutral colored furniture and accessories. This will add some life to your space and prevent it from looking too dark and monochromatic.


Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

Flint is a cool, dark shade of gray that can work in any room from the kitchen to the bedroom. It’s still dark enough to make a statement, but works well as a neutral as well.  This makes it easier to pair with furniture and accessories in an assortment of colors and styles.


Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

For those of us who prefer a softer color palette, Flint still has a lot to offer. Try painting a door in Flint then pairing it with a lighter wall color such as Benjamin Moore’s Peach Parfait. This combination creates a clean and soothing space that still has an element of interest.

Super Nova

Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

This deep, rich, shade of purple is perfect for anyone who wants to give their room a bold and sophisticated makeover. Pairing Super Nova with neutral accessories and naturals woods really balances out the look of a space.

Super Nova

Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

If you’re interested in giving the exterior of your home a distinct look, try applying Super Nova to your front door. Painting your door a bold color of purple adds curb appeal, and will really set your home apart from others in the neighborhood. This shade also works beautifully with brass, so pair it with a brass door knocker for a luxurious look.

Black Satin

Photo Credit: Atlanta Homes Magazine

Black Satin, the most dramatic of the four choices, is an elegant and sophisticated paint color. While the idea of painting a space entirely black can seem intimidating, it’s easier to work with than you might think. Use lighter shades to brighten up the space together with brass accessories for a little metallic glamour. Brass works perfectly with black to create a look of luxury. You can also pair this paint color with bright blues and pinks.

Fun, vivid colors like these really pop against the dark, luxurious, walls.

Black Satin

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Weatherill

If you’re still not ready to paint the whole room black, there are endless ways that you can easily incorporate Black Satin throughout your home. Painting doors and trim is a simple way to drastically alter the look of a room. This unexpected pop of color adds architectural interest, lending a layered, sophisticated feel to your space. Other options include painting furniture pieces such as bookshelves, or coffee tables.

This is a quick and affordable way to add some darker colors into your home that can be easily altered as color trends continue to change.


5 Ways To Accent Your Kitchen With Brass Details

Is It Vogue.

Jeanine Hays is the Co-Founder of AphroChic, the online destination for modern decor with a hefty dose of cultural style. House tours, original art, and interviews with today’s top interior designers can all be found here. With diversity always at top of mind, it’s a great resource for exploring the work of designers and artists from around the globe.

If you’re looking for ways to update your kitchen, bringing home the right accent pieces can give it an instant update.

This season, warm brass finishes are popping up everywhere in kitchen decor. A striking addition to any cooking space, they make it possible to transform a dated kitchen into a glamorous show space with just a few simple elements. From hardware to range hoods, brass accents can be used to warm up a kitchen interior, and add a bit of shine to the home’s most popular room. Here are five of our favorite brass accents to bring into the kitchen.

Elevate Your Hardware

Sweetie Pie’s Style Bites.

Hardware is like jewelry for your kitchen interior. Drawer pulls, knobs, handles, they all can be used to add character to the room’s decor, so don’t miss any of them. When adding brass hardware to your kitchen pay attention to color. Look for tones that complement the room’s overall color palette. Against gray cabinets and white tile brass hardware can really shine.

Elevate Your HardwareAphroChic: 5 Ways To Accent Your Kitchen With Brass Details -

House of Antique Hardware.

Once you’ve found the right color, look for hardware that comes in a number of finishes so that you can have your pick. Bin pulls like this one from House of Antique Hardware, comes in polished brass and un-lacquered brass, so you can choose a shiny or matte look. The heavy cast metal also ensures that these pretty drawer pulls will last quite a long time.

Light The Way

Notes on Design.

Lighting is the perfect way to add metallics to your space without going over the top. With the right finish, these pieces can make quite a visual impression while the lighting sets just the right mood. Brass pendants, golden chandeliers and copper lighting can all add a touch of luxury to the kitchen’s overall decor. Hung over an island or a bar, they are the perfect accent pieces for bringing a bit of sophisticated glimmer to every meal.

Light The Way


Brass pendants like this globe pendant at Artek Lighting are sure to add a shine to the kitchen. These hand-turned, polished brass shades are great fixtures that have a unique decorative quality. In this kitchen where emerald and brass are the dominant shades the brass tone of these pendants add another element to the overall color scheme. A set of two or group of three will make a glowing focal point.

The Brass Hood


Adding metallics to your kitchen is the perfect opportunity to look for pieces that have both form and function. This beautiful oversized brass hood can be bold accessory for any kitchen while also serving as a useful addition to an oven range. Pick brass elements that can be the star of your kitchen’s decor. While wonderful for clearing the air, this hood is also the focal point of this kitchen redesign, adding a shimmering element to a modern, rustic space.

The Brass Hood


Brass range hoods can be found at kitchen appliance stores or be crafted from local craftsmen to fit the exact measurements of your kitchen. This streamlined version at Agren Appliance can be customized in the finish of your choice to complement the design of your kitchen.

Golden Taps


Every accessory in your kitchen is eligible for a brass upgrade. Even the tap. Keep an eye out for brass or gold-plated brass taps that can be added as decorative elements to your kitchen decor. These pieces look especially striking against an all-white backsplash where the brass can really shine.

Golden Taps

This Is Paper.

A great source for brass taps is Quooker. Their taps come in streamlined, modern designs that are accentuated by a variety of finishes. Gold-plated brass taps are a great way to set your kitchen apart from the rest.

A Gilded Backsplash

Elle Decor.

This brass backsplash by interior designer Kelly Wearstler literally makes this kitchen shine. Hammered brass has a striking texture that really stands out in a kitchen’s interior. It complements the brass hardware and lighting that also bring an element of shine to this kitchen’s decor.

A Gilded Backsplash

Home Portfolio.

You can find brass backsplash material at home stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Or go for something a little different with brass tile. The textured look will be sure to add to a glamorous feel that will keep you in the kitchen, along with everyone else.


8 Styling Tips For Open Shelving

Sam Schriemer is a design-obsessed textile designer living in Toronto, Canada. Her love of color, modern textiles and vibrant spaces can all be explored on her interior design and lifestyle blog, Sam Schriemer Design & Lifestyle.

There’s just no getting around it. At some point in our lives we all ask the same question: What do I do with all of the beautiful small pieces that I’ve picked up over the years?

For those of us living in apartments this question can come up pretty often as space is at a premium and options for making room are limited. One solution is to put your collections on display with open shelves. Open shelving is a simple and easy way to give your room a chic and eclectic feel while surrounding yourself with the things that tell your story. It takes some styling, but curated collections give a layered, sophisticated feel to your space while letting guests see your pieces through your eyes. Arranging the shelves can become a design project in itself as you judge the right distance and pattern to create visual interest. Best of all, shelves make it easy to rotate your collections giving you an easy option for updating your room or changing your décor to match the season. Whether it’s African statuary or chinoiserie plates, presenting your favorite pieces on open shelves can add personality and style to any room in your home. Here are eight helpful styling tips that will assist you in creating a perfectly styled shelf.

If you like to do any of your reading offline, you know how quickly books and magazines stack up. But that doesn’t mean they have to become clutter. Use your favorite reads as display pieces for shelving that looks effortlessly put together. Create a color story with your books to boost your room’s color palette. Or go minimal and present two or three of your favorite covers as an art installation.

If you’re looking for a storage solution as well as a design idea, try displaying your books vertically in tight groups and anchoring them with bookends.

Nothing adds a little life to a room like a bit of flora. Just a few plants can wake up an entire space, adding texture to your shelves and a pop of color to your room. Look for plants with visual appeal like fresh cut blooms, or an edgy succulent. Fresh flowers also smell lovely, which is always a plus.

In a world where pictures are usually hung, leaning your artwork is an elegant way to break the rules. In addition to being incredibly stylish, open shelf art displays are very practical for small spaces. Gone are the hours spent worrying about uneven spacing or wondering if your painting is really straight or if it just looks straight. Simply let your favorite paintings and photos lean against the wall.

Long shelves and small photos also give you the option to group your pieces together, letting you mix and match for your own in-home art shows. It’s a great excuse to pull out all of your art and experiment until you get the perfect look.

When arranging items on your shelves make sure that the objects vary in height for a larger visual impact. Whether you choose to display a tall, unique piece of art, or a sleek, contemporary vase, add something that draws your eye upward.

If you have a lot of colorful objects to display or if you’re styling shelves in a room with a bright paint color, be sure to include some neutrals to tone the palette down. This creates balance, and ensures that your shelves don’t look too overbearing and mismatched. You can even try styling entirely in neutrals for a look that feels sophisticated and timeless. When going neutral on your shelves, whites, blacks, beiges and metallics are always a great choice.

For shelves that feel full and finished, mix and match bigger and smaller pieces to create a layered look. Try starting with a few large staple items, and then accessorizing with smaller, more intricate objects. Combining larger and smaller pieces creates a balanced look. Boxes, baskets, large bowls, and big pictures are great pieces to incorporate either as a foundation or to fill in space.

While there are plenty of cool shelves available in basic blacks, whites, and wood tones, don’t be afraid to try something a little bolder. Painted shelves can be a special addition to the color palette of your room or they can add that unexpected pop of color in a neutral space. Or go monochromatic and paint your shelving the same color as the surrounding walls. Adding color is also a unique way to bring attention to the objects being displayed on your shelves, making sure that none of your hard work goes unnoticed.

It may sound obvious, but the most important thing really is to display the pieces that you love most. Nothing is better than filling your shelves with the things that are important to you. Show off treasures brought back from recent travels, display your accomplishments, and finish it off with a bunch of things that you just plain like. Home is where we tell our stories through the th  ings that we choose to surround ourselves with.

If the items on your shelves speak to you, pique your interests and recall your experiences, then they create a space that is truly your own and that you’ll be that much happier living in.



3 great tips on how to refresh your bedding for spring

Sam Schriemer is a design-obsessed textile designer living in Toronto, Canada. Her love of color, modern textiles and vibrant spaces can all be explored on her interior design and lifestyle blog, Sam Schriemer Design & Lifestyle.

Every year we look forward to welcoming spring. Outside the weather is warmer, the flowers get ready to bloom again and everything is fresh and new. With winter moving on and sunny days just around the corner, this is the perfect time to think about a little spring renewal inside the home as well.

Switching up the décor of your home as the seasons change is a great way to keep your spaces feeling fresh and new. In the bedroom, one of the best and easiest ways to make over your space is by adding some warm colors and fun patterns to your bed. As the focal point of the space, just a few simple changes to your bedding are enough to transform the entire room. Here are some great tips and products to give your bed the stylish and colorful makeover it deserves!

Changing your bedding entirely is one of the quickest ways to drastically alter the look of your bedroom. Corals, pinks, yellows, and greens are some of the best colors to use this spring. They are bold and refreshing, and will look great all through the summer as well. When purchasing new bedding for the season, look for lightweight sets that are made from natural fibers such as cotton and linen.

Fabrics made from natural fibers are cool and soft. Breathable fabrics like these allow greater air flow which keeps you comfortable when the temperature starts to rise. But if you’re looking for a more subtle change to your bedding basics, adding pillows and throw blankets is a great way to give your bed a mini makeover for the 2014 spring season.

Adding some colored or patterned pillows to your bed is affordable, and an easy way to switch things up. There are a lot of already-existing and newly released pillows that are perfect for this season. Solid colors are simple to mix and match with patterns, or other colors. Geometrics shapes are a huge trend that is very big in both the world of interiors and apparel this year. Patterns using anything from triangular shapes to a simple stripe are a great choice.

Florals scream springtime and are such an easy way to add a bit of Mother Nature to your bedroom. Even just one pillow with a floral print and bright colors can completely change the feel of your bed.

Not only are throw blankets beautiful, but they’re practical too! Throw blankets can give your bed an effortlessly put together look. Again, look for throws with geometric shapes and clean lines as well as throws in bright yellows, greens, and pinks. If you decide to go with a solid color, try to find a blanket that has a fringe or special detail. Or look for a material that has a unique knit or woven structure.

By doing this, you’ll be able to create more contrast on your bed through textured details. Throw blankets are also a necessity if you are using a lighter weight bedding set during the spring. Although the temperatures are rising, cool nights can still creep up, and throws are an easily accessible way to ensure warmth!